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lundi 18 août 2008


This is a homage site made in an effort to expose more people to the quite innovative band, 3 Teens Kill 4. The band was 3/5th gay. Incorporating tape loops, toys and recordings of people talking over erratic guitars blasts, multiple vocalists jumping in and out of punky throat singing to spoken word poetry rants and so on and so forth. All these elements being incorporated into fractured and often times catchy and dangerously vibe-heavy pieces of sound. They made a name for themselves performing at local venues such as The Pyramid Club in the East Village. This page is dedicated to David Wojnarowicz, a Virgo.
Membre depuis28/11/2007
Membres du groupeJulie Hair, Jesse Hultberg, Doug Bressler,Brian Butterick, aka Hattie Hathaway, David Wojnarowicz
Influencesfront page car crash, electrical fires, homoerotic, heroin, theatre, non-lethal weapons, the art-punk scene in New York City in the early 80's
Similaire àCalling your family occassionally, long distance
LabelPoint Blank Records
Type de labelIndie (Indépendant)

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